How to…

Many buses around the Valley have bike accessible routes. Buses operating these routes have bike racks installed on the front bumper of the bus. Each rack can securely hold two bicycles at a time. They are simple to operate, with a light-weight design allowing for quick and easy loading and unloading. No additional fare or permit is required to use them.


  • 1

    When the bus arrives, let the driver know you will be loading your bike onto the rack. Always load from curbside or while directly in front of the bus. Never load on the driver’s side near the flow of traffic.

  • 2

    Remove any bike accessories such as a tire pump or water bottle that may come loose while the buss is in motion.

  • 3

    Use one hand to hold your bike and the other to unfold the rack.

  • 4

    While gripping the rack handle, slightly push in on the rack to unlock and release it from its folded position. Then, lower the rack down.

  • 5

    Lift your bike into the rack placing both tires into the wheel slots. Remember to always load your bike into the rack closest to the bus.

  • 6

    Pull the support arm up and adjust it securely over the front tire. Now you are ready to board the bus.


  • 1

    Unloading your bike from curbside or while directly in front of the bus. Never unload your bike from the driver’s side

  • 2

    Raise the support arm off the tire and lay it down into its locked position. Then, lift your bike out of the rack.

  • 3

    If there are no other bikes in the rack, lift and push the bicycle rack up to the folded and locked position.